quarta-feira, novembro 12, 2014

Recebi quebrado...

Aproveitei e abri um ticket de reclamação no DX.com;

Order: 140131001054691592

Produto; 201340

ticket: 51AA1C7761114FE3BBD4A1DE29D7542B

Veio quebrado.

Historico Conversa com DX.com:

DX.com: 14/11/2014
Dear customer:
Thanks for your kind reply and your support for DX!
We have arranged resending your package and the new order number is 141114001043993618
We speed up your package shippment. You will receive a shipment notification by email once we got it shipped.
If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team or live chat supports and we will try our best to help you here.
Looking forward to serving you in the near future! 
Best regards,
PS: I close the ticket now. I'll highly appreciate if you would like to give 10 marks on this service.  If you have any advice, welcome to leave your feedback for us. Thanks!

Marcelo Vardanega:13/11/2014
Please resend the item 201340. I am very satifact with this solution.

A staff has responded to your request. And your action is required.
Dear customer :
Sorry for any trouble. 
In this cased would resend you new item 201340 ,or save your amount of the item as store credit . 
Please kindly tell me which solution is better for you. Thanks in advance.
Looking forward for your early reply.
Best regards,

Marcelo Vardanega:12/11/2014
Abri um ticket, informando que recebi a lente quebrada; Enviei foto.

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